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50 Bold statements from Digital First Belgium

We were truly inspired by the talks we attended at the Digital First conference in Belgium, we’ve decided to share the key insights from some talks with you. Here are they, 50 bold statements from the Digital First Conference, in the speaker’s own words.

Daan Jansonius

🎤 The future of commerce on Snapchat.

1. Snapchat is not about vanity metrics, it’s about being you.
2. Over 40% of Snapchat users are over 25.
3. Snapchat’s user overlap with TikTok is only 6%.
4. 70% of Snapchat users plays with lenses on a daily basis.
5. Anyone can create and publish a lens via Lens Studio.

Koen Stevens

🎤 A tool, tactics & transformation: a road trip to modern customer-centric marketing & communication.

6. The future of marketing is community.
7. Get your own house in order before you invite guests.
8. Employees are your most underused marketing resource.
9. You have influencers, they are in your company.
10. Review websites are the new SEO juice.

Amélie Alleman

🎤 How to define and use your employer branding to recruit as a startup. 

11. Candidates are looking for more than a job, they are looking for a company with the right culture.
Startups looking for talent & talent looking for a job. It looks like David versus Goliath.
13. Define the why of your company and communicate it with authenticity.
14. Video in your recruitment process increases attention & visibility.
15. Recruitment is all about creating and managing your e-reputation.

Maha Karim 

🎤 Build an amazing social media strategy and be ready for 2020.

16. Social networks are becoming complex in terms of content, multiplicity of touchpoints and technicalities.
A brand whose share of voice is greater than its share of market is more likely to gain market share.
18. People love content that helps, educates, inspires, informs, entertains and rewards.
19. Organic reach is dead.
20. Combine an always on strategy with campaigns.

Alexandra Illiashova 

Coca Cola
🎤 The power of chatbots: from automation to consumer engagement.

21. If we care about everything, we enjoy nothing.
22. Use the channel rules to re-engage. Facebook enables push notifications, use it!
23. In the era of the goldfish attention span, users spend over 4 minutes on the Coca Cola chatbot.
24. You cannot launch something and forget it. You have to look at it every step of the way.
25. We partnered up with a psychologist to find a way to measure people’s lightness.

Reinhard De Milt 

🎤 Bold. Simple. Human.

26. It’s easier than you think to connect marketing to sales.
27. The best businesses are built around passion.
28. Marketing starts with thinking about how your can really help your customer.
29. We at Teamleader wanna leave no lead untouched.
30. Nowadays, marketing is a game of numbers. But don’t make it all about numbers, also make it real and human.

Jo Caudron 

Duval Union Consulting
🎤 The world is round.

31. The answer to a lot of questions is connecting.
32. Most people are not programmed to be a programmer.
33. When you climb up a mountain, eventually you will go down again. If you want to keep on going, you will have to learn how to fly.
34. We are at the tipping point between continuing future optimisme or slipping away in future pessimism.
35. If you don’t believe in tomorrow, you cannot deliver upon that promise.

Jonathan Kubben 

Mom I’m fine
🎤 Does influencer marketing work?

36. Travelling is not a job. It costs you money, you spend a lot of money and you’re not earning it.
37. I saw I had an impact the moment someone tattooed “Mom I’m fine” on his arm.
38. Nowadays we face the senior problem. They’re in charge but aren’t used to the world as it is now.
39. Revolution is always ridiculous/dangerous/logical.
40. Don’t think about figures, think about DNA.

Sarah Levin Weinberg 

🎤 Predicting and measuring influencer collaborations success in 2020: trends, technology & data. 

41. Pick brand advocates, ambassadors, employees of your company over influencers with tons of followers.
Nowadays even kids, animals and pets are becoming influencers.
43. Technology is just a tool, experts are key.
44. People and not machines know the trends, measure things & have the creativity to innovate when you’re stuck and things aren’t delivering.
45. On Stellar you can create your influencer catalog by adding social profiles to your database the same way a Pinterest ‘pin’ can easily be ‘pinned’.

Shanice Engel 

🎤 The evolution of influencer marketing & how to create and measure impact with thought leaders. 

46. Culture is our playground. Content is our currency.
47. Local communities make/break an influencer campaign.
48. In influencer marketing your brand can become a meme.
49. Influencer marketing is all about community, content & consumer habits.
50. Influencer marketing is not a goal, it’s a tool. It’s part of your marketing mix.

Shanice will also be speaking at our Hack Your Growth event on the 24th of October. Feel free to tune in and be inspired. 

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