The Buyer Persona Map is a simple tool that helps you figure out and understand the most important piece of your business - Your (ideal) customer.

How should I use the Buyer Persona Map?

Know who your ideal customer is.

Identify questions 

Identify topics/areas/questions you want to learn about your persona.

Determine methodology

Determine research methodology (survey, customer interviews, co-workers, etc…)

Brainstorm attributes

Compile research finding to reveal trends and similarities & Brainstorm more attributes using the Buyer Persona Map

Analyse results

Use Buyer Persona Map output to understand potential customer attributes and inform future marketing tactics

The Growth Revolution added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take weeks.

Marketa Kadeckova

Innovation Manager at ING

Get to know who your ideal customer is and start

buyer persona map

 There are a lot of buyer persona templates out there on the internet, but this one will help you get started with really understanding the most important & critical starting point of your organisations growth strategy - The Customer. 

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