Looking to do an experiment? Identify the riskiest assumption being made about a new business idea first.

How should I use the Assumption Mapper?

Discover your riskiest assumptions with the Assumption Mapper

Find your assumptions

 Identify the assumptions in your arguments and see which ones are worth being tested.

After identifying your assumptions you need to map them based on urgency, difficulty, etc., and rank them based on these factors.

Build your hypothesis

Assumptions are not testable, but hypotheses are. That's why you need to take your riskiest assumption and transform it into a repeatable and measurable hypothesis. 

Prioritise and rank

 "Our needs were well-mapped out giving us an efficient way to generate a solid concept."

Guy Van Neck

Vice President Europe, Bare International

Properly identify the riskiest assumptions for your business with the Assumption Mapper.

assumption mapper

If you are looking to test a new idea, you must first identify the business assumptions. The Assumption Mapper helps you identify and prioritize the business assumptions, and rank them based on criticality. In this way you can test the assumptions that are the most important and critical for your business idea.

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