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Best ways to succesfully generate leads

In this fast-growing industry, we need growth and a growth strategy and one way to achieve this is by finding potential new customers. It is important that you understand your target audience and connect with them in order to gain their interest and eventually converting them into a lead.

What is a lead?

What is a lead, though? A lead is someone who expresses interest towards your brand, product or service. This happens when they leave their email or phone number behind, they ask for information through a phone call, an email or on a chatbox and via social media.

A lead is not someone who is simply scrolling through your website, there needs to be some kind of interaction and you get a piece of contact detail from which you can create a trail.

Nonetheless, do ensure that that person is seemly interested in or connected with the same industry as your organisation is in. Someone who is from a whole other industry might not become a solid lead who eventually becomes a customer or client. Differentiate between that and you will be able to skim through the potential leads and focus and invest in solid leads.

Now that we have established what a lead is, which you probably already did, but let’s talk about how we can generate leads in the most effective way. There are many ways how you can generate leads and there are many tools and methods which can help you in a major way.

Because now we need to know how we can increase the generation of leads, what do we need for that? How do we connect with our target audience so that we can convert them into customers or users? So that we can communicate openly with them and drive acquisition once we know they are interested in our offerings.

Find out our tips and strategies which we find incredibly helpful!

Landing page

First, you will have to create an awesome landing page. A landing page or website is much more than just a page with information, it is a doorway to attract new leads, to keep your existing customers engaged and updated and to grow as an organization. Visualize and demonstrate your offerings, solutions and what the benefits are for the customer.

Once you have driven traffic towards your landing page, make sure it is engaging and appealing for people to make them want to know more by leaving a piece of contact detail behind (see our contact form at the bottom of this article). The content should be clear and consistent and create opportunities for people to interact, by offering special offers like a discount or free trial.

Include exciting headlines, clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, reviews or testimonials from others, your unique selling proposition (USP) and images or videos that emphasize your offerings (like we did on i.a. our strategy page). 



Hosting a webinar is sharing knowledge, but also generating leads. Webinars are incredibly effective to generate leads, keep your existing audience engaged and connect with others in the same market. It is not easy to host a webinar, as the topic you select to talk about should be appealing to your target market but most importantly you need to know what you’re talking about.

It can increase customer loyalty and build relationships, as it becomes more personal when they can see you. There is a human touch to it which people find comforting and sometimes it is easier for them to listen instead of reading. There are two different types of webinars, you have those kinds which are live and viewers can comment during your webinar and you could answer them or have a team assigned who answer them for you. Another one is where you choose to upload a pre-recorded video, people can watch this whenever it is convenient for them, but there won’t be a live interaction.

We’ve been experimenting with video and podcasts in our new podcast channel Modern Marketing TV. It’s not a webinar, but it might be a good source of inspiration!

Free Gifts

Who doesn’t like free gifts? Depending on what your product or service is, you can send them an online or physical free gift. This is basically for people to get familiar with it and they leave their name and email behind, which is exactly what you want.

Think about free tools (like we do), free samples or a trial or free consulting, you can try out anything that would create more awareness for your brand.

And after that, you can follow up to get them to buy your product or service.


Offer Discounts

Offering discounts might give people a push towards the right direction, the actual purchase. You can have pop-ups on your website with discount offers, codes for them to use and it would be even better if this becomes personalized. When someone is looking at shoes, give them a discount code for shoes and not jewelry. You can certainly offer it once they have put it in the shopping cart, but the first step is to offer a discount on a certain product or service by signing up.

This does not only help to generate leads, but it also helps to drive your sales.



Claiming is not the same as proofing, which is exactly why companies opt to include testimonials on their website (like we i.a. did on our homepage). This promotes a healthy, trustworthy and reliable image of your company. This is very essential, because how many times do people feel reassured that someone else has tried it out or purchased a product or service before them.

Don’t include fake or asked testimonials, this will hurt your company in the long-run. You will have to earn it and when you do it could be included on your website. We have our own perceptions about what we do and how we can help, but praise from others outside of the company is more authentic. These could also be case studies, where people can get an in-depth understanding.


Live Chat

You know that feeling where you are curious or confused about something, and since you can get an immediate answer you just pass. This happens a lot with people who want an immediate answer and live chats solve that problem. In those chats, you can answer questions and remove doubts for potential leads and turn them into actual leads. You can interact with them and get the contact details you need.

These can be pop-ups or a simple CTA and get them to interact with you. In some cases, a user can ask more questions than they initially intended and this is because they are in a conversation with you.


Master your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is key if want to drive more traffic. This goes for your website and everything that’s on it and also your blog. Think about keywords, good URLs, your meta-descriptions and your website and blog should be optimized for all devices. Do not underestimate the power of SEO. You can have great and valuable content, but how do people find you? You are not the only one in your industry and there are so many competitors, which is exactly why you need to stand out from the rest.

Especially on search engines, you want to get people to click on your item and your keywords and meta-descriptions are key. This also helps drive relevant traffic towards your website or blog because of the right use of keywords and descriptions instead of an enormous amount of traffic but they are not the target audience.


Engaging Social Media Content

We can entice our audience by presenting engaging content and making them act on it. A lot of people check out companies by looking at their social media profile(s) (think of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), depending on the content there they will be intrigued to find out more on your website. Consistency is important, it doesn’t look good when you are not consistent or clear. You can develop relationships with your audience, especially when you are engaging enough.

You can drive a lot of traffic from your social media to your website and you can post updates about your company, ongoing or future projects, offer discounts or engage them in a certain way to participate with hashtags, sharing content or start a contest. Make sure your content is relevant to both your image as a company and to your target audience.



Text and images are mostly used for anything that we share online, although sometimes we need visuals with movement, sound, and music. More and more companies are investing in videos and the content could be for any purpose. On a website, it is usually to give a nice introduction, or explain what it is that you do as a company (like we did on i.a. our training page), or testimonials from others or explaining a tool or service in-depth. All these purposes have mostly one goal and that is to get people interested in such a way to entice them to make a purchase.

They are engaging to say the least, but it gives a personal touch as they see a person from your company talking to them and explaining them something they need to know. And sometimes it is easier to relate to this.

Surveys and Quizzes

You know those quizzes online to find out which food you are or which Disney princess or prince you are? Buzzfeed has many of those surveys/quizzes and it is immensely popular.

You can use this method also for your business, obviously not the same quiz though it would be unique. That is not what I’m suggesting, because this method helps you to engage with your audience, get some personal intel from them and offer them to find out more or get the result by signing up with their email. A lot of fashion companies use this in a way for people to find out what their style is for instance, which has become incredibly successful over the past years. You can also offer deals whenever they have completed it, by signing up with their email.

There you have your lead and you have personal intel which you can use to strategically personalize your content to provide them with personalized service. This again helps to build relationships and increases customer loyalty.


These are just a few examples, there are many more strategies and tools which you can apply to your business.

It is important to understand the concept and to invest in it as it definitely will be worth it. Always keep striving to generate leads, it is key to your success. You do not only grow your amount of leads, but you also grow your business and its position within the industry.

Good luck, go find your strategies and keep growing! Stuck with lead generation? We can help you out! 

Do you know any other great strategies or examples? Please share them with us.