10 last-minute Business Growth hacks for Black Friday

Black Friday is on the 23rd of November this year, which is just a few days away. But don’t stress out if you haven’t made any changes about your Marketing strategy just yet, because I’ve got a list of last-minute growth hacks to boost your sales on this Special day!

Black Friday last minute hack

No tricks. No clickbait. No scams. Only tested and proven tactics to skyrocket your sales strategy during this holiday season.

Everyone loves good deals and since it’s mostly a once-per-year kind of deals, people will be willing to open their wallets and spend money on your products and services. That is in fact, what happened last year (2017)- for instance-  according to the following statistics:

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1- Email your best seller Product/ Service:

Black Friday last minute hack

Yes, nothing extraordinary to start with, but I couldn’t go through the list of Growth hacks without mentioning this one.

What you have to do is: think outside the box for this Black Friday because your subscribers are getting more emails than any other time of year.

You have some previous Facebook ads running, right? Or even better, you can see in your Analytics tool which one of your offers perform better. Facebook had probably run the ads and determine the most popular and creative.

Out of all the captions, images and call to actions used in your Ads, there is one combination that outperforms the others. This is the one you have to use for your Black Friday to avoid wasting a Great email that could convert.

The best time to send these emails according to this source is 4 PM. And here is an example to get you inspired:

2-. Load up on growth tools.

You can offer people additional discounts: by asking them to share your offer page to their Facebook Profile, or Instagram Story, or tweet it in exchange for the discount. The condition would be to mention your business (social profiles or website). This is an effective way to reach more people and drive more traffic to your offer page. The perk of this hack is the viral effect, a.k.a: people will keep repeating the same action over and over.

Sticking to social media, you can use a tool like Vyper to amplify the reach of your offer.

However, make sure the additional discount is reasonable so that it doesn’t affect your ROI.

3- Play on the FOMO

People don’t like to miss out on any good deal, and the ball is in your hand because you can play on the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor. This can be manifested by a countdown on your website (counting the days until Black Friday or counting the time until the offer will disappear). Also, you can use it for the stock/ Product scarcity (example: only 4 items left; only 1 Growth course for x amount left). Last but not least, ensure that you play on competitivity (example: Person X from your friends list purchased this item; Company X from your country subscribed to X workshop). You can create awesome sales pages using a tool like ClickFunnels or Deadline Funnel. Just make sure your audience sees the “Black Friday exclusivity”.

Countdown example:  Black Friday last minute hack

Product scarcity example:

“This person __from <location> bought XYZ product/ service” example:

Black Friday last minute hack

4- Keep the customers coming back by introducing “the deal of the hour”

Black Friday last minute hack

Whether you are cutting prices, offering “buy one get one” on certain products, or again offering gifts for orders above a certain amount. This hack will keep the customers coming back every hour of the day to get more deals and discounts. Make it clear and eye-catching, by placing a website banner or push notification and also by promoting them constantly on your social media (Instastories, Facebook stories, Snapchat, Twitter, etc)

You can use a tool called BOLD to help you and keep you out from losing your mind.

5- Social Media Hashtags:

This one is simple, yet effective:  Use Hashtags on every.single.post related to Black Friday, be it on Instagram, Instastories, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your audience is.

Here are examples of hashtags to use:





#BlackFriday___ (country)

#BlackFriday___ (city)

6- Email Reminder for abandoned shopping carts

One more interesting statistic from last year’s data shows that email reminders are an effective tool for reducing the number of abandoned shopping carts. An average abandonment rate of 70% for the rest of the year was suppressed to 67% on Black Friday.

Through the email, you have to remind the person what they have in their cart, tell them that it’s still available (in limited stock though), provide them with a link to get back to the purchase process. Don’t forget to insert a clear CTA at the end of your email!

You can use MailChimp automation for this!


Black Friday last minute hack

7-Temporarily redesign your app icon- “Seasonalizing”  

Black Friday last minute hackBlack Friday last minute hackYou can temporarily redesign your app icon or add “Black Friday” to it. Given that over a third of consumers do research via retailer’s apps, you can add a pinch of Black Friday to your regular logo/ App icon. This could be done by adding black elements to your logo (e.g. a black shopping bag) or have your logo peek out of a large shopping bag altogether, and so on.

Not only is a seasonal logo eye-catching, but it’s also a way for you to connect with customers through the shared spirit of the holiday season. It is the perfect way to guide customers toward those promotions.

This can be a last minute hack if you schedule a friendly pep talk with your marketing team after you finish reading this blog post.

8- The casino cart Popup

The idea behind this Growth hack is actually fun. It was first used by Sumo for their website visitors. The popup looks something like this:

Black Friday last minute hackHere is how it works:

1-Your visitors land on your page.

2- the Casino cart popup appears (stating that its “Black Friday exclusive”, that there are special offers/ discounts/ deals, etc)

3- The visitors enter their email address and “spin” to win.

4- A person can either win free shipping, a special gift, a % off, etc. Or nothing at all.

From your side, you end up with an email list of leads to nurture later or to use for social media retargeting campaigns.


9-The SEO hack

The idea here is to add “Black Friday Sales” on the HTML titles of the participating categories/products/services to increase CTR and organic traffic.

If there is one thing that potential customers and search engine algorithms get of your website at first glimpse, it’s certainly Titles!

It’s in your hand to make your titles as clear and eye-catching as possible by focusing on the exclusive offers of Black Friday.

This simple SEO hack, you will drive more traffic to your page, making your website more optimized, and well ranked on search engines! Because let’s face it, what’s the point in implementing all of these game-changing Black Friday hacks if no one can find your site?

10- Create a Facebook Event – Special Black Friday

Black Friday last minute hackYes. As simple as that, whether you own a brick-and-mortar or click-and-mortar store or run any other type of business. Creating a Facebook event will make your audience understand that you are part of this special sales holiday. This will also create the anticipation factor and keep your potential customers hooked.

It is a once-per-year type of deals, so by definition, it’s an event that you should create awareness around. It takes 5 minutes to create a Facebook event and it’s free of charge, so what are you waiting for?


I hope this list will be useful for those who are still looking for inspiration.

Keep in mind that most of these Growth hacks can be used any other time of the year. Their effectiveness has been tested and approved. Now it’s up to you to boost your sales!  

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