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You and I are lucky to be living in the “sharing era” where everything can be accessible to anyone, anytime. We share more now than ever before simply because we can. Businesses all over the world are exchanging tips, tools, ideas, and innovations and it turns out to be way easier to develop a business today then it was some years ago because the Internet enables sharing to take place at breakneck speeds.

When you are facing a problem in your business, you don’t have to figure it out yourself. You can tap on the collective wisdom of people who have been there before.

At the heart of collective learning is the sharing of information. We share information because it helps us survive. We learn faster. We make better decisions. We accomplish more with less. At The Growth Revolution, we have created different tools to make the work smoother and today we have decided to share some of them with you.

So let’s get started!


The Growth Hacking Canvas is a cousin of the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. Like these, it’s working canvas that offers a simple approach to identify which layers or areas of growth that require the most attention.

Why you need the growth hacking canvas:

There is often a lack of interdisciplinary collaboration within the marketing team and the different disciplines of which it consists. However, this tool can help remedy these problems, gathering multiple marketing activities in one place.

The canvas consists of 10 building blocks that each intersects with one another: S.M.A.R.T goals, acquisition, retention, revenue, growth areas, etc.

Download the tool here


There are numerous ways to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. On- or off-brand testing, through a landing page, interviews, Facebook Ads, etc. The Map is your ticket to experimental validation.

Why you need the experiment map:

  • It helps you choose a hypothesis

A hypothesis is an educated guess for what you expect to happen in a given experiment. What is the goal of a successful hypothesis?

  • It’s a Roadmap to your actions

Work your way in towards your hypothesis. What are different approaches, channels that work towards the same goal?

  • It helps you Gather ideas

For example, your hypothesis is boosting a landing page to 20% conversion rate. Think of the funnel for this success.

  • Prioritize Tactics

You have gathered multiple approaches, all possible to use for further action. Choose your most important one and execute.

Download the experiment map here 



If you are looking to do an experiment, you must set up its rules beforehand. Create a measurable, risky hypothesis.  This will determine if a hypothesis is validated or not. All that’s left to do is to gather your ideas with the Experiment Card.

Why you need the experiment card:

  • Find a hypothesis

Turn your assumption into a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess for what you expect to happen in a given experiment.

  • Measurable Targets

A hypothesis must be measurable: “If we do X, then Y% of the target audience will behave in way Z.” What are your metrics?

  • Verifying ideas

Your hypothesis is testable. For example: “A blog post will drive over 100 signups.”

It is repeatable and measurable.

  • Analyze results

There are no failed experiments. Only unexpected outcomes. Conclude new results out of your experiment after execution.

Download the experiment card here


This tool is the go-to place if you are looking for side project ideas. As explained in our article, Side projects are basically experiments started with a certain goal. Some of them are created to launch a product or a service or to find and convert leads, others are started to eventually create a full-time business, but, in the end, all of them serve one main purpose – learning.

Creating a tool that solves your target’s itch and handing it out for FREE, makes you not only a hero but a trustworthy one. Your audience will not only appreciate you for solving one of their needs, but they will also trust you to fulfill more of their needs. Therefore, they will stay loyal to you.

Why you need this side project ideas generator:

Because the ideas you’ll find here are:

  • GDPR-proof: They provide so much value for your (potential) customers that they’ll gladly hand over their email address or Facebook login to use it.
  • Validated: We used different strategies to validate these side-project ideas.
  • Easy to build: We added a time estimate to go from zero to prototype.
  • Available in different forms: Some side-projects can be made as a bot, an app and/or website.

Access the directory here


This Matrix helps you Ideate on your own experiments. It gives you the ability to choose which tactics are relevant to you. If you are looking to do an experiment, you need an action plan and this tool regrouped for you over 15 types of experiments, classified according to your hypotheses.

Why you need the Experiment Design Matrix

  • Explore all tactics

The matrix shows a collection of tactics that might be of relevance to your testing on the market or with a product.

  • Pin your tactics

Map your ideas in the Matrix. Will you do qualitative and/or quantitative testing? Will you test product and/or market fit?

  • Ideate on testings

You have a hypothesis that needs to be tested. Think about how you will execute on which tactic. What will validate your hypothesis?

  • Plan and execute for results

There are no failed experiments. Only unexpected outcomes. Plan the tactics with your team and execute on them.

Download the Experiment Design Matrix here


If you are working on the corporate level or scaling mid-size organizations, this book is a must-read. It sums up the process of marketing experimentation and growth mindset that will inspire your team. The playbook is a sum of 109 pages to help you validate new business ideas the right way by implementing the experimentation loop.

Why you need the corporate experimentation playbook:

  • A brief introduction

Whether you are testing new business ideas or optimizing your product/service, you need a structured yet lean approach.

  • The Experimentation Process

A process that validates business ideas through capturing data, which in turn you’ll use to make evidence-based decisions.

  • New age techniques

Learn how to design the right experiment for your hypothesis. We have over 10 techniques and 7 frameworks.

  • Data-driven evidence

In order to make objective decisions, you need proof to validate a hypothesis. This playbook is a great tool to help you learn how to capture and analyze data.

Download the corporate experimentation playbook here

This was a non-exhaustive list of tools that will surely skyrocket your business, feel free to recommend in the comments any other tools that you think are masterpieces and let the growth happen.

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