The ultimate guide on how to find the right work email to land your next internship (or job), absolutely free.

Having troubles reaching the right person in the company for your next internship? We have all been there.

Sending random emails to, hoping for a response.

Today you’ll learn step-by-step how to:

  1. Find the right person to contact in a company.
  2. Find that person’s email in less than 3 minutes.
  3. Track your email to send follow-up emails.
  4. Get insightful tips and tricks before sending your first email.

Side note: You can also apply this tip when applying for your next job!

In order to get started you’ll need to have an account on following channels:

  1. A Gmail account (if you still use outlook, welcome yourself to the 21st century and create an account)
  2. A Linkedin account

Get the right work email of a company you want to intern for.

You know which company/companies you want to apply for an internship, great! Now you need to find the right contact information.

Since we all know nobody reads the emails, we need to come up with something better.

In order to get the right email address, we first need to gather following data:

1. Company URL
2. Company location (in case they have multiple)
3. Name of the right person we want to send an email to. (This is the tricky one)

Let’s find the right person to contact:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn account and search for the company.
  2. Add the location where you want to work in the search criterium.
  3. Pick a profile with the title: ‘Hiring, Office Management, Recruiter, CEO, ..’
  4. Write down their name in an excel file, Evernote or a piece of paper if needed (don’t be the piece of paper guy/woman).
  5.  Add the company URL next to their name.

You now have all the information you need to find their email, great job!

How to find the right email:

Now, let’s find you the right email to send to.

Start with creating an account on Findthatlead right here: This tool will allow you to gather the right email, absolutely free.

Use your Gmail account to login in order to create multiple fake-accounts later-on. This will allow you to get more than 10 credits of search in the free version.

In order to retrieve the email addresses you will need the following data:

1. First name of the person
2. Last name of the person
3. Company URL

Lucky for you, you have all of them.

Option 1: Lead search (find the right person with the information you have gathered)

This is probably the most effective way to find your email. Enter the first name, last name (no need for the middle name) and the company URL and watch the magic happen.

Option 2: Domain search

If the first option didn’t work out, not all hope is lost. Try entering the domain URL into the domain search option. You’ll end up having a couple of emails of people working at the company.

The great thing here is: once you have the structure of the email such as or, you can just find the name of the people working there on LinkedIn and guess their email.

Option 3: Whois lookup

When the founder registers his domain for his website, he has to leave his contact details. This is a great way to figure out the email of the founder and discover the structure they use within the company. This allows you to guess the email of the other people working there.

This allows you to guess the email of the other people working there.

Option 4: You have an email but want to verify if it’s correct

Maybe you found an email from the company on some shady website. Awesome! With this functionality, you can easily verify if the email exists before sending him an awkward ‘test-email’.

Note 1: if you need more credits, create another Gmail account and log in with this account.
Note 2: If you can’t find the email on FTL, use one of their competitors called in order to find your email addresses.

Track your emails, increase your chances

HR-managers or CEO’s are busy people and reading their email is just a fraction of their day.

The best thing that could happen is that they put a little yellow star next to your email, in case they forget to answer. Which eventually, they will.

The key to landing your new job or internship is to follow-up where needed.

But how do you follow-up if you have no idea if your email reached the person?

Here is where comes into play.

It allows you to track if the person received your email and see when they have opened your email.

Let’s get you all tracking. 

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account (if you don’t have a Gmail account, this is the time to create one).
Step 2: Download the Chrome Extension called Mailtrack right here (If you have never worked with an extension, don’t worry it won’t bite you).
Step 3: Login with the Gmail account you are going to send your email with.
Step 4: Choose the Free plan to sign up (no need to pay for the extension).
Step 5: Send your first tracked test email to somebody random.

You’ll notice you’ll be able to see 2 checkmarks next to your emails.

The first checkmark will show you if the email was well received by the other person

The second checkmark will show you if and when your email was opened.

Note: This is also a great way to verify if the email you sent was correct.

9 Things to remember before sending out your email

1. Companies don’t care about you, they care about what you can offer them. Make sure to always include why are you sending them and what you can offer them.
2. Give them a compliment about something you read about them, this shows you at least had a look at their website.
3. Don’t forget to attach your CV.
4. A name is one of the things we are most proud of, always greet the person with their name.
5. Always check your grammar (I use Grammarly extension when writing in English)
6. Highlight the most important parts of your email in order for them to see why you are writing them.
7. Finish with a call-to-action such as: connect with me on LinkedIn, schedule an interview today, have a look at my attached CV.
8. You don’t like reading long emails, neither do other people. Keep it short.
9. Save your template if you are sending to multiple companies.

Pro-tip: Before sending them an email, connect with them on Facebook or Linkedin.

Happy hunting!

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