Grow now! 9 growth hacking ideas that really work no matter your industry

Growth hacking is all the rage right now. From Google to Uber to Facebook, everyone is hiring experts in the field – and often reaping 3 and 4-figure growth rates as a result.

But what do you do if you run a brick-and-mortar business, or work in an industry where growth hacking appears to be inapplicable?

This is a question that stumps many entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners. In this post, we are going to answer it by giving you 9 growth hacking ideas that really work no matter your industry.

The first is…

Growth hack 1 – Automate getting in touch

On average, it takes 7-13 “touches”, or interactions, to convert a lead into a customer. The problem is that many people on your contact list “tune out” your e-mails before you get that far.

The solution?

Program your e-mail service or app to send inactive leads messages. These can be in the form of PUSH notifications (for apps) or social media/email messages.

What matters is making a tempting offer that engages dead leads. One brand that is excellent at doing this is Tinder, which sends you messages like these if you do not log on for a while:

Growth hack 2 – Pre-populated referral emails

We have talked about the importance of referrals in several posts, but did you know you can get them without using social media or a website? All you need to do is create a pre-populated message and give users a link to it.

When this link is clicked, it will take users to a new e-mail with your message. All they need to do at this point is add their contacts’ names to the “to” field, and voila! You have got your referrals, and the user does not even have to leave any message themselves.

Growth hack 3 – Follow your competitors’ followers

This tactic is a staple for Instagram B2C brands, but it is largely unknown amongst “serious businesses” and the B2B sector. It is very simple: all you need to do is follow the people following your competitors.

Chances are those individuals and organisations are active enough on social media to notice what you did and consider following you back. This may not work very often, but since it literally takes seconds to follow someone, this is still an effective way to engage targeted users.

Growth hack 4 – The review/referral hack

Speaking of referrals, here is another crafty way to get them. It also works for Google+ reviews, TripAdvisor reviews, etc.

What you do is use Facebook pixel to segment the people you want reviews and referrals from. Then you re-target them with ads that explicitly ask for a review/referral. Word of mouth is extremely powerful, so the money you spend will be recouped (so long as you do not overdo it).

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Growth hack 5 – Measure everything

You may not know this, but Sam Walton, the man who founded WalMart, was a bit of a growth hacker. He loved experimenting with new ideas and measuring everything he did.

In fact, he was once arrested in Brazil for crawling around the floor of a retail store in order to measure aisle width!

But even if that seems a little odd to you, it clearly worked. Why? Because growth hacking principles – measurement and stratified experimentation – have and always will deliver results.

So do not limit your measurements to the digital world. Always be on the lookout for new things to quantify in your business, and keep track of as many measurements as possible.

Growth hack 6 – Piggyback

You cannot always start a completely new trend. However, one thing you can do is piggyback onto new trends as they come, and become a market leader in the new niche.

One way to do this is by literally following the blueprint set down by another business. Are your competitors doing something new? Test it and see if it gives you better results.

Another way you can do this is by building a service on top of existing products. This is what FarmVille did by releasing a Facebook app, and it worked so well they were valued at $10 billion (!!!) at one point!

Growth hack 7 – Maintain an active blog

I cannot believe I am saying this in 2017, but some organisations still do not have frequently updated blogs. This is obviously unacceptable, because writing 4+ posts a week improves leads by 350%-400%.

So while this is not exactly a growth hack, I would just like to remind you that blogs are not optional. They are a necessity, and you need to blog regularly by any means necessary. Riff on old content, aggregate content made by others – do what you have to. Just blog.

Growth hack 8 – Put your content on SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest

No matter what industry you are in, your content has value. Seeing or being able to use it could save individuals and companies significant amounts of time and effort… And position you as an authority while building your lead list.

How can you get this valuable in-company content to other people?

Put it on websites like SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest and Scribd, where people actively look for certain kinds of content! This way, you can improve your content marketing without actually having to make new content.

Growth hack 9 – Look for disruption opportunities

If you are the first to be the source of a disruption, you will usually become market leader. If you are not, you have a high risk of dropping out of the market and seeing your business fail.

That is why the greatest growth hack is to keep an eye out for inefficiencies and “holes” in your industry. If you can notice them and find a way to fix them, you will benefit handsomely!

So there you have it: 9 growth hacking ideas that will work, no matter your industry.

Some of them are directly actionable, a few will require you to sit down and think for a minute before implementation…

But all of them work – though not as well as having your own growth team or hiring a growth agency.

If you are interested in a custom solution that will take your business to the next level, and help you reach growth goals that seem unrealistic right now, why not get in touch with us today? We would love to hear from you!

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