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As a growth hacking agency, growth marketing has become part of our daily vocabulary, and the use of it is increasing rapidly like the snow of an avalanche flowing down a sloping surface. So, you better catch up with it, before it catches you! Bizarre jokes aside, growth hacking will not kill you. Chances are that knowledge of growth hacking actually will do the opposite, as it will provide you and your organisation with an extra lifeline or let’s say a substantial lead to unlocking your growth and get a step ahead of the competition.

To help you stay afloat and save time on catching up with all the resources that are available on growth hacking, we have made it easy for you and collected some of the best slide decks on this topic. So, stop your Google search right away and just scroll down to find the list we have created with the best slide decks on growth hacking. At your service!

Growth hacking quick wins — 29 things you should be doing (but probably aren’t) by Mattan Griffel.

We would have liked to come up with these growth hacking quick wins ourselves, but this slide deck by Mattan really captures the essence of how to start, what to focus attention on, and how to get users quickly, including lots of great examples. It would be ignorant of us to even try to compete with this one!

Unlocking growth — building a sustainable growth engine with the new rules of marketing by Sean Ellis.

Two primary reasons are often recognised as the cause for startups’ failures: they try to accelerate their growth too early, or they lack aggressiveness when they are finally ready to grow. This presentation takes you through the Startup Pyramid framework to demonstrate how startups can gain traction and generate sustainable growth.

Growth hacking basics by Morgan Brown.

Still new to growth hacking or do you just want to refresh some of the basics? Then take a look at this presentation which goes through some of the most popular case studies that exist on growth hacking,  while also giving input as to how you can assess your product for growth opportunities and how to prepare your team and product for growth.

Growth hacking — acquire new users with better activation by Conrad Wadowski.

User acquisition is one of the main pillars of growth hacking, and in this presentation Conrad examines some of the techniques startups apply to growth hack user onboarding, for instance by creating a must-have experience without too much or almost no friction.

The art and science of growth hacking by David Skok.

You’re probably already familiar with the term funnel. Whether you are or not, this slide deck is still worth to check out. It looks into the process of funnel design that is centered on the buyer. In particular, it focuses on the buyer journey, and how to successfully create a buying process that the buyer likes to go through, which, compared to the ordinary sales process, is quite different, because it is created from the seller’s point of view!

Testing with a Growth Model — using a growth model for more effective high tempo testing by Sean Ellis.

It’s critical for a growth hacker to build and execute good experiments. The main topic of this presentation is how to use a growth model for high tempo testing efforts. It takes you through the primary steps for establishing a growth model including the creation of a key metric, recognising the “aha moment” and the main benefit that leads to retention.

The ultimate guide to funnel optimization by Sean Johnson.

This slide deck provides you with more funnel talk. More specifically, Sean reviews and discusses several tactics and strategic measures for optimising each stage of the customer development funnel.

Growth hacking for corporates byThe Growth Revolution.

Growth hacking is not only a startup trend, but also for corporates. This presentation dives in to some of the fundamentals that corporates need to adopt to maximise the benefits of growth hacking and identifies four things only a growth hacker can do (things a traditional marketer never will have the skills or guts to do). Hiring a growth hacker is one of the first steps to unlocking your growth!

21 ways to get more users — actionable growth hacking tactics by Jon Yongfook.

This slide deck presents you with 21 different areas of startup marketing in which you can use growth hacking tactics. For instance, Jon offers several tricks of automation and hackery that will assist you in growing your user and customer base.

Startup metrics for pirates by Dave McClure.

Previously, we talked about creating a key metric. This presentation takes you through a five-step model for building a metrics framework for your customers and business, and how to use it in relation to your product and marketing endeavours. Still wondering which role the pirate is playing. It comes from these five steps: acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue (AARRR!).

30 brilliant growth hack cards by Clavain Skade.

This slide deck was published a year ago, but the 30 marketing growth hack cards that are presented throughout this presentation are still valid today. Some of them you might know, while some of them you will never have seen before. They are all taken from blog posts from some of the brightest cookies in the field of growth hacking.

Share your best slide decks with us as well!

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