#GrowthConf18 Fireside Chat Series: Savvas Zortikis, CEO & Co-Founder Viral Loops

In the #GrowthConf18 Fireside Chat Series we sit together with each of the badass speakers lined up for The Growth Conference on June 7th in Antwerp, Belgium.

In this second episode we went live on Facebook with Savvas Zortikis, Co-Founder and CEO of Viral Loops, the number one referral marketing tool in the world.

Just four years ago, Savvas was a big firm marketer. Then founded one of the world’s first growth hacking agencies and from there ended up founding Viral Loops because he saw an opportunity in the market. Marketer, growth hacker, founder, CEO: the man is always on the move and has wide and deep experience he’s always happy to share with those around him.

I asked him about his vision for growth, his amazing journey and lessons taken from it, how he’s building a remote team culture at Viral Loops, why he takes cold showers in the morning and how he uses stoicism to take control of his feelings and focus on what he needs done. We also talked about his loyal canine companion and Viral Loops mascot: Puggy.

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