How to achieve growth with business model innovation


What do you think about when you hear the term growth hacking? Perhaps Dropbox, AirBnB, conversion rate optimisation, marketing automation, A/B testing, black hat magic or perhaps something completely different? Has innovation crossed your mind? And what about business models?

Starting with growth hacking undeniably has an impact on your general strategy, no matter the size of your organisation. It creates new business models and a different go-to-market strategy, but the question is whether or not your company is ready for this switch, and just as important, are your customers ready?


Vincent Pirenne, Innovation Strategy & Process Designer at Board of Innovation, will help you get ready for this change when he hosts a workshop on business model innovation during the Growth Hacking Summit 2016 in December.

Opposite to what you might have expected, not everything that has to do with growth hacking is rooted in a marketing perspective, and the topic of Vincent’s workshop is one of the exceptions.

People need to understand the value of business model innovation and why they should bother spending time on it.

This is, among other things, one the points that Vincent will touch upon during the workshop, while he will also cover, through small, quick exercises, how your company can go beyond one typical business model, and how you can try to diversify if that is the goal. Therefore, this workshop is going to be very interactive, primarily in order for you and your company to get the most out of it. Let’s take an example. A startup wants to go to market. One of the exercises could be to identify different monetisation options for the idea the startup has. If one of these pricing models doesn’t prove to be successful, the team can easily turn to one of the four other business models. Useful, right?


On top of the workshop exercises, Vincent will also bring a number of previous case studies ranging from NGOs, Fortune 500 companies to startups in order to illustrate how they have applied similar techniques. These examples prove that everyone will benefit by attending this workshop, and the Summit in general, without regard to company size, revenue and years in business.

Attending the Growth Hacking Summit is a good way for everyone to learn new techniques, speed up go-to-market time, and bypass some of the typical hurdles that many corporates see in innovation.

Are you ready to tweak your business model to achieve growth? Join Vincent and the rest of us at the Growth Hacking Summit 2016, December 19 in Antwerp.

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