My first 6 months as a growth hacker


Six months ago, I decided to join Trigger, Belgium’s first Growth Hacking Agency. I’m a technical guy with coding and design skills, and in the digital world we live, I obviously had a lot of opportunities ahead and several options to choose among. Yet, it was not a tough call to make the jump. In this post I will explain why.


I have always been keen on topics that involve startups and innovation, but during the past years I have had the chance to dive deep into all aspects that constitutes a business and learn more about these, especially technical marketing. This is a field that complements my inherent skill set as a coder and web designer. Pretty perfect, right?

A couple of years ago, I joined the European Innovation Academy, and one of the priorities for me was to develop a diverse set of skills. One of my ambitions was to understand more than just the technical side of a project. Yes, you can have a cool product that fits the market (this, however, is a challenge on it’s own), but knowing how to sell it or how to get users is a complete other story. It’s key!

So, why growth hacking? First of all, my skill set is very complementary to that of a growth hacker. At its core, growth hacking requires a lean approach. It combines UX improvements with coding skills, while being driven by data, and finally it allows you to…no, let me rephrase, it calls for creative marketing solutions.

Growth hackers are without doubt specialists, but also generalists as they master so many different skills. We combine new technologies to analyse your current marketing and technical tool stack to ultimately provide improvements in those areas. Things that would otherwise be overlooked are now essential KPI’s to stimulate business growth.

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P.S. I also got to be part of the organisation behind Growth Hacking Summit 2016!

At Trigger you have the freedom to be creative while having a big impact within the organisation. In a field like this, it is a necessity to surround yourself with open-minded people in an atmosphere that fosters the best and most creative solutions. So, no 200-paged marketing strategy in PDF, but hands-on solutions.

Despite the challenges that sometimes surface while working with clients, it is very satisfactory to follow the progress of the growth solutions we implement. So far, I have had the chance to work with awesome companies like Cartamundi, Parcify, FLAVR, Sanoma Belgium and plenty more.

Happiness stimulates growth, and we know how to have fun. During the last six months working for Trigger, I have learned more than I possibly would in any other organisation. This is especially thanks to the team of people I work with. They have clear goals and enjoy what they do. That’s the spirit.

A growth hacking agency without growth would be weird, and therefore I’m looking for more amazing colleagues to join me on projects and workshop. (It’s awesome, I promise!)


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