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Do you know Vincent Dignan? If not, now is definitely the time if you want to stay on top of everything that has to do with growth hacking. He is not only an entrepreneur, growth hacker and speaker, but also what some would characterise as a super human. Who do you know that works two full working days every 24 hours? Probably not many or maybe even none. Recently he wrote a book together with Austen Allred, all while he is also touring around the world giving talks on the secret sauce to growth. Soon he will make a stop in Belgium where he will reveal 20 new ways to unlock revenue. We promise, it’s going to be great!

If you can’t wait until December to see Vincent take the stage at the Growth Hacking Summit, you’re not the only one. That is why we invited him to a talk to give a teaser interview with some of the hacks and magic he will share with you live in December.


With the speed of the light, he has succeeded in creating a name for himself (maybe an exaggeration, but remember be extreme, always enlarge things). Everyone knows him by his first name, no last name needed. He is the Vincent. Therefore, we asked him how got into this world and so quickly established a name for himself.

“I think it’s two things really. So, I’m on a 100 day world tour right now. Last year I did about 50. When I started in May last year, I hadn’t done much public speaking. I’ve never really done it actually. But yeah I did talks everywhere; all over Europe, North America, the United States, and whenever I did it, I made sure that the talks were fantastic. Then I started the group Traffic & Copy, which has got over 9,000 members in four months. The fastest growing group in space. It will be the biggest, if not one of the biggest in space. So I bridge my online and offline presence. Offline, I put a lot of work into the talks, and online I show up in the group every day. I do three post every day pretty much seven days a week.”


Would you be able to carry this out? We are already blown away, and that is why we are curious to know where he keeps on getting all of these kick-ass ideas and inspiration for all the content that is being shared.

“Well I can be very honest. I write a lot of my posts on Sunday night. I get everything ready and then I have lots of posts for the week. In terms of what I write about. Well, it’s all about being close to your target user. So few business actually are. What you need to do is to tap into the conversations people are already having, rather than trying to invent new ones. I know the places where my target audience is. I was on welfare three years ago, so I know what it’s like to have no money and wanting to grow a company, so I often write about that.

Most of the marketers’ advice is, number one: spend money on ads, number two…wait hold on, there is no number one for most people. They have no budget to do ads. They have to do the free tactics and that’s what I focus on.

I also do consulting for agencies. This, however, I am kind of phasing out, as I like to work directly with people running small companies, because they are the people who are most excited about their projects. So, that is kind of what I focus on, and because of that I know what content to write. I have pages and pages of articles that I can just finish and put up. It’s something that my mentor taught me: you have to show up every day. Most people are too lazy to do this. There have been lots of tricks and hacks I’ve used to grow my group, but they are very small in comparison to actually just producing good content every day.”


In addition to growing the group Traffic & Copy, Vincent has also taken part in launching two websites that got over a million visitors a month. Everyone wants to drive traffic to their sites, so we asked him how he made this happen – driving such an enormous amount of traffic.

“So, no one knows what will go viral. All you can really do is to throw a lot of pieces of content out there, have the right channels to distribute them and then hope that some will go viral. There are some hacks that you can use. For instance, BuzzFeed has a lot of hits, but thousands of misses.

Okay, so first thing we did was to get a lot of writers on board. They wanted to write for us, because it was a bigger platform compared to their own blog. However, they wouldn’t just write something without getting editorial feedback. This way they also became better writers. So yeah, it was really about putting a lot of content out there, and then we found the right channels to distribute it to on the web to get early traffic, then Facebook traffic, and then referral traffic. It was a fairly mathematical system. We got right away up to 2 million visitors a month.

If you’re a B2C, get a lot of writers and produce a lot of content and great things. If you’re a B2B, it’s okay to do less content, but it has to be absolutely fantastic. It’s better to have one skyscraper peace, which is amazing than a lot of small hits.”


Let’s stay within the topic of virality for a moment, as it’s evident that Vincent has got plenty of golden hacks to share with us. Therefore, we asked him to share his ultimate advice for how to make things go viral.

“Let’s split it into two things: community or press. If you have a unique working product, specifically a physical product, you want to concentrate on press virality, which is finding the journalist who has written about similar products, finding all the kickstarters that were successful and finding all the press that were covering them. This you have to do all while making sure you have a lot of pieces that can go live on launch day so you’re everywhere at once.

If you don’t have a physical product, but like software as a service product, a fintech product, or something like that, what you want to do is to focus on growing a community. For instance, a Facebook group. Everyday you post tips for users who want to grow their fintech business. Just like me, show up every day. If you show up with that every day, and then over time you’re saying, ‘we’re thinking about launching this product, what do you think? It’s actually launching in two weeks, who is interested?’. Because you’ve given all that time out for free, it will come back and you’ll have a successful launch.

So, I would say community or PR are the two ways to go viral. Community I love, because even though the press ignores you, and that happens over 99% of the time, you’ll still have a successful launch. Once you have a community, you’re bulletproof.”


From virality to unlocking revenue, Vincent has an answer to basically everything. That is also why, we’re so excited to have him at the Growth Hacking Summit in December. But what should you be expecting from his keynote? What should you, in particular, be looking forward to?

“I’m going to look at the funnel from top to bottom. From acquiring users right through to turning them into superfans. I have software and strategies to use for every part of the funnel. It’s going to be completely new. It will have some of the best stuff. It will save people time, it will save them resources, it will start to make them think about opportunities in a different way. It will start to give them a competitive advantage. It will hopefully help them to think more like Americans rather than conservative Europeans.”

Are you still not sure about whether or not the Growth Hacking Summit is something for you? Let’s give the word to Vincent and let him convince you why have to come:

Most advice in the online marketing space is terrible. It’s just people trying to sell you stuff. You should attend the Summit to get advice that you can actually use, rather than typical advice like spend more money on Facebook ads. Most startups don’t have the money to put into ads or generate ROI. Growth hacking allows you to do more with less. It allows you to get where you want to get to in a more efficient manner, and it gives you a massive competitive advantage.”

Convinced now? Well, we certainly are. See you at the Growth Hacking Summit, December 19th. Can’t wait? Check out Vincent’s awarding-winning talk here:

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