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Buyer persona map 

Build a persona that has it all by combining qualitative and quantitative data in our buyer persona map.

What is this tool for? 

You don’t want to target a specific segment of customers purely based on demographic data. You want to target people based on intrinsic attributes, their drivers & motivators. The reasons they get out of bed every single morning! And that is where our buyer persona map comes in! 

Use our buyer persona map to combine qualitative and quantitative data and create a persona that has it all.

Buyer Persona Map

Step-by-step guide 

Get a comprehensive overview of your ideal buyer persona in 4 steps.

Step 1: Demographic attributes 

What are the quantifiable statistics about your audience? Such as age, income, company size/industry etc. Who are your buyers?

Step 2: Psychographic attribues 

What are your audience attitudes, opinions, values? What are their interests and motivations? Why do people buy your product?

Step 3: Behavioural attributes

What actions do your customers take? How frequently do they take these actions? What influences their decision-making process?

Step 4: Needs-based attributes 

What are the distinct needs your customers have? What are their goals? What are the frustrations customers have with your product/service?

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