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We help your innovation team to (in)validate new business ventures and bring new businesses to the market. Get a head start with our validation squad, who all have startup experience.

Empowering the best marketing teams

Our technical minded marketing consultants are ready to push possibilities to the limits. We share all latest technologies, tools, frameworks and in-house knowledge we have gathered over the years.

Custom Tailored Lead Machines

With GDPR, a lot of mailing list were demolished. Bring value to new leads by creating campaigns and side projects that matter. Creating a natural inflow of real interested leads is major key.

Our clients are the best
In our business, we have the privilege to work with amazing companies and clients. We are proud of our collaborations. Growth is a two way street.
At ING prague, we ran 2 experimentation tracks to validate new business ideas and the approach to the market. With coaching and execution, we enabled amazing intrapreneurs to come to a conclusion to move forward. The combination of their business knowledge and our technical marketing know-how made this project amazingly fun.
Marketa Kadeckova
Innovation Manager

The Growh Revolution added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take days. With this experimentation track, we finded new insights on the market, and are now able to fully understand our resu

Kevin Clerebout
Marketing Manager

The no-sense approach of The Growth Revolution immediately caught my attention. IT is their middel name which broadens the range of possibilities to be almost limitless. When it comes to marketing, the right questions are asked with the right mindset and know-what. I was amassed by the creativity of their ideas.

A simple campaign with big results
Working together with Playmobil resulted in one of our most successful campaigns with reaching over 90k unique opt-ins of parents and grandparents, the actual buyers of their products. This campaign reached 4000 daycares, resulting children to play with Playmobil’s toys from a young age. And all of this with only 3200€ in ad budget and offline colouring palettes for children.
New B2B business model validation
Wolters Kluwer has some amazing people to work with who are the driving force of innovation in their company. We ran multiple experimentation tracks targeting their B2B customers on various platforms. We always start and end with data. Only this way, we are able to draw conclusions that further result in business growth.
Veerle Van Roij
Wolters Kluwer
Segment Manager Business Development

Digital transformation implies future proof customer centric business models. Off-brand testing was the ideal experiment design for new busyness model validation with results in a fast time periot while putting the customer first. Enjoyed working with The Growth Revolution on this in a lean and agile way and appreciated their swift understanding of our business.

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