Stop looking for tactics first and start focusing on establishing an experimentation strategy.

What you'll find inside

Harvest a culture that ecourages a willingness to try different approaches.

A brief introduction

Whether you are testing new business ideas or optimizing your product/service, you need a structured yet lean approach.

The Experimentation Process

A process that validates business ideas through capturing data, which in turn you'll use to make evidence-based decisions.

New age techniques

Learn how to design the right experiment for your hypothesis. We have over 10 techniques and 7 frameworks.

Data-driven evidence

In order to make objective decisions, we need proof to validate a hypothesis. Learn how to capture and analyze data.

An evidence-based methodology

Validate new business ideas the right way by implementing the experimentation loop.


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Innovation Managers

Head of Innovation

R&D Directors

Marketing Managers



Corporate Startups

Download the tools from the book.

Have a sneak peek at our 3 favorite tools mentioned in the book. Download the PDF version and see if you can implement them with the added frameworks.

Why a paperback? Well, unlimited battery life, perfect touch interaction, endless swipes and so much more. 

The Growth Revolution added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take weeks.

Marketa Kadeckova

Innovation Manager at ING

Validate new business ideas on the cheap. Discover and optimize the vital levers of your business.

Are you the driving force behind innovation at your organization? Encourage out-of-the-box innovations that lead to real transformation right now!

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