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Marketing Experimentation Tools to empower marketing innovation

When you want to be the driving force in your organization, copy-pasting last year’s marketing plan is not what it takes to boost your marketing efforts. When innovating your way of doing marketing, that is where the changes happen. Our mantra in marketing is setting up small tests, evaluating results and scale proven tactics. These tools are meant to aid you in the ideation process when finding new marketing tactics. Do not stay behind your competitors. Do not spend more money, be smarter.

Experiment Design Matrix

Ideate on your own experiments with the Experiment Design Matrix. Choose which tactics are relevant for you. If you are looking to do an experiment, you need an action plan. Find out which tactics work for you and how you can use them for your specific testing.

100+ Side Project Ideas & Lead Magnet Generators

Over the years we’ve brainstormed with numerous clients and prospects to create the ultimate side-project for their company. So we decided to share these ideas. Check out our 100+ side project ideas.

The Corporate Experimentation Playbook

If you are working on corporate level, or scaling mid-size organizations, this book is a must read. We have collected the process of marketing experimentation and growth mindset that will inspire your team.

Growth Hacking Canvas

The Growth Hacking Canvas is a cousin of the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. Like these, it’s working canvas that offers a simple approach to identify which layers or areas of growth that require the most attention.

Negative Thinking

Why are customers not buying your product? Why are prospects not converting? These are key questions answered with the Negative Thinking Canvas. Take 10 minutes per funnel and ask your team these questions. When thinking of an action plan,  make them positives.

Experiment Card

If you are looking to do an experiment, you must set up its rules beforehand. Create a measurable, risky hypothesis.  This will determine if a hypothesis is validated or not. Gather your ideas with the Experiment Card.

BRASS Framework

There are a lot of acquisition channels, and new channels are created by the day. The Brass Framework is a simple 5-step process to prioritise and start testing these new channels. Let’s boost your growth!  Find techniques that actually scale your business.

Experimentation Map

There are numerous ways to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. On- or off-brand testing, through a landing page, interviews, Facebook Ads, etc. Map your road to experiment validation with the Experimentation Map.

Buyer Persona Map

The Buyer Persona Map is a simple tool that helps you figure out and understand the most important piece of your business – Your (ideal) customer.