Ideate and plan what experimentation tactic works for your hypothesis.

How should I use the matrix?

Find your executional tactics to validate new marketing tactics and business ideas.

Explore all tactics

The matrix shows a collection of tactics that might be of relevance to your testing on the market or with a product.

Pin your tactics

Map your ideas in the Matrix. Will you do qualitative and/or quantitative testing? Will you test product and/or market fit?

Ideate on testings

You have a hypothesis that needs to be tested. Think about how you will execute on which tactic. What will validate your hypothesis?

Plan and execute for results

There are no failed experiments. Only unexpected outcomes. Plan the tactics with your team and execute on them. Let's learn!

Explore 16 different tactics!

The Experiment Design Matrix maps out 16 different ways to experiment.

One of the most famous cases is Buffer's landing page, simply explaining the product and showing the pricing. The goal is to get people to buy your product, even if it is not ready yet.

Tactic 1 of 16: The Smoke Test

The final page in the flow is not an apology for an unfinished product, but an opportunity to built a waiting list and connect with new, potential leads.

Notify your newly found clients

The Growth Revolution added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take weeks.

Marketa Kadeckova

Innovation Manager at ING

Ideate on your own experiments with the Experiment Design Matrix. Choose which tactics are relevant for you.

If you are looking to do an experiment, you need an action plan. Find out what tactics work for you and think on how you can use them for your specific testing.

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