Map you experiments. Gather multiple approaches for your marketing goal. Prioritise your focus.

How should I use the experiment map?

Find tactics that support your goals. Map your road to growth.

Choose a hypothesis

 A hypothesis is an educated guess for what you expect to happen in a given experiment. What is the goal of a successful hypothesis?

Roadmap to your actions

Work your way in towards your hypothesis. What are different approaches, channels that work towards he same goal?

Gather ideas

For example, your hypothesis is boosting a landing page to 20% conversion rate. Think of the funnel for this success.

Prioritise Tactics

You have gathered multiple approaches, all possible to use for further action. Choose your most important one and execute.

Digital transformation implies future proof customer centric business models.Off-brand testing was the ideal experiment design for new business model validation with results in a fast time period while putting the customer first. Enjoyed working with The Growth Revolution on this in a lean and agile way and appreciated their swift understanding of our business.

Veerle Van Roij

Segment Manager Business Development, Wolters Kluwer Belgium

Map your marketing tactics towards a common goal. What channels can you use to gain your desired results?

There are numerous ways to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. On- or off-brand testing, through a landing page, interviews, Facebook Ads, etc. Map your road to experiment validation with the Experimentation Map.

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