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Greatest tools designed to make growth marketers’ lives easier

We all have those amazing tools that we always use and that not only once saved our (work) lives.

You may’ve checked our ultimate list of Chrome Extensions.
Now, it’s time to share a list of tools we used most during our first years as a start-up.


Tools for writing


Writefull is an app that provides feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language. It comes in two forms – as an app and as a Chrome extension- and its smooth integration options make it easy for you to write better.


Deepl is a very accurate translation tool (from our point of view, it does the job even better than Google translate). Even though the number of languages was very limited at first, the Translator now supports 72 of them. Besides the normal text block translation, Deepl gives the advantage of full document translation. Pretty useful, right?



No article about writing tools is complete without Grammarly. In case you are that one in a million and haven’t heard about it yet, Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform. If you are using the Chrome extension, you’ve probably never seen the online app. 

For Photos and Illustrations 

This free image resizer for social media and web comes in very handy when you need to quickly optimize your images for all social media channels. You can use it to create perfectly sized images for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, for emails, your blog, and even for Google Display Network.


Pexels, Unsplash and PixaBay

If you’ve been dealing with marketing in the last few years, I bet you’ve been using at least one of these 3 websites all the time. These platforms are the go-to place for beautiful, royalty free stock photos. The images can (almost always) be used without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.


Let’s Enhance 

Let’s Enhance is an image upscaling tool that uses machine learning to improve photo quality after resizing. By blocking noise and adding missing image details, the app lets you boost the resolution of your images up to 4 times.



Undraw is a completely free platform containing MIT licensed illustrations. You can use these illustrations for anything from presentations to social posts, without the need for attribution. Unfortunately, there are not too many illustrations up there yet, but the database gets constantly updated.



One of the latest tools we’ve discovered is This amazing tool is an Eyetracking algorithm that reveals where people will be drawn to, without having to test on large groups of participants (like in traditional research). 

For Videos and Animations


SoapBox lets you capture both your screen and webcam to create professional-looking videos. It comes in the form of a Chrome Extension and it is extremely easy to use. The most useful feature is the one that allows you to switch between the webcam and your screen to take advantage of the unique “split screen” view.


Design wizard

Design Wizard allows you to create TV-quality video footage in seconds. It holds over 10,000 video templates which can be personalized in an instant. The site has excellent integrations with Hubspot, Buffer and Marketo. Design Wizard is an excellent video editor for social media, presentations, banner ads and websites.



With Spirit, you can create cool web animations without being a code genius. The plus of this tool is that you can edit your animations directly in the browser and see the changes immediately. Like everything in life, Spirit comes with a downside – it is available ONLY as a desktop app for Mac.



You can use Renderforest to design your logo, create short videos, animations, slideshows, music visualizations, landing pages or even a complete website.

For social media – Content creation

There are so many great apps that we are using to create content for our social media channels, but we’re only gonna tell you about our absolute favourites. And they aaaareeee….


This app helps you create amazing visuals for your Instagram with minimum effort. Unleash your creative side with the multitude of filters and tools that Instasize provides.



Google’s Snapseed is a free app that enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters.  What is cool about this app is the variety of tools it offers. Also, all edits are non-destructive, so you can always go back to the original photo.


For social media – Performance and automation 

This tool lets you explore related hidden interests that you can target on Facebook. You can search, select, copy and export hidden Facebook interests with minimum effort. Like this, you know you are always targeting the right audience.



Is an Instagram analytics tool for influencer profiles. It offers insights on the audience demography, number of followers, fake followers and real engagement rate. If you are looking for a platform that connects brands to social Influencers, Buzzweb is a great option.

For email marketing & email design


This tool allows you to easily create highly engaging, interactive experiences without using any coding. By using it, you can easily create interactive content for email, SMS, and social media marketing campaigns.


Marketing email copy

When your emails are not getting the conversions you want, you need to change them. Get inspiration from more than 500 marketing email templates of popular brands from Marketing email copy and reshape your email communication.


BEE (Best Email Editor)

BEE is one of the best and easiest to use drag-&-drop email builder. You can create responsive emails by simply choosing from a long list of templates that you can afterwards edit by using the drag and drop function.

For website tracking and performance 

The “Measure” tool of reviews the performance of (almost) any website and offers detailed guidance on how to improve it. So, if you’re curious about the performance of your website (or, why not, the one of your competitors’ pages) all you have to do is insert the URL on et voila – you have a full audit! 

With ChangeTower you can always stay up to date with the changes happening on any website. You can select the page(s) you want to monitor and set up notifications when something is changing. You can monitor for: visual changes, keywords, sentences, code updates, images and much more. 

For Design, UI and UX


Picular is a search engine for colours. When searching for a word, this tool will display a list of multiple colours associated with it.



Do you want to Transform your hand-drawn wireframes into digital design files? Uizard automatically does this and also transforms the files into front-end code. Basically, this app takes your hand-drawn wireframes and transforms them into code. Pretty awesome, right?


Page flows

Page Flows is a growing library of annotated user interface videos. It is a paid service that members can use to see how common design problems are solved in popular products and services. When you’re stuck on a design problem or need inspiration, Page Flow is the perfect place to find real-world solutions and inspiration.

Get your inspiration for app design from Mobbin – a hand-picked collection of design patterns from well known mobile apps. If you’re not convinced by it, you can try Mobile patterns – a website offering similar services.



When you are a growth marketer or innovator, building prototypes is an everyday task. ProtoPie is an easy to use, coding-free prototype building tool.

To stay informed

There are quite some platforms we use to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the marketing world. But, the ones we check the most are Zest, Feedly and Social Chain. These 3 platforms offer quality news under different formats: a Chrome homepage, a WhatsApp newsletter and an interest-organized board. We can’t decide yet which format we like most, so we’ll keep on using them all!

We’re glad you made it to the end. Let us help you grow your business our check out our free tools! 

Ps. we are always excited to try new tools.  So, if you think that there are some worth-mentioning tools that we didn’t include in this post, give a heads up via the form below.