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How to win big during Black Friday?

On November 29th it’s shopping time, it’s Black Friday! The trend from America is gaining more and more popularity in our regions as well. Thanksgiving traditionally is every 4th Thursday of November. A day the founding fathers of America introduced to let people come together and be thankful for what they have. Ironically the day after turned into the biggest boxing match to make people buy what they don’t have.

Whereas a few years ago it was only the big chains that surfed on this American trend, now every retailer is trying to get his share by offering the best deals. As an (online) marketer, we’d better be well prepared for this anniversary for webshops. Among other things by making sure that your SEO-score is Black Friday-proof.

Due to the growing popularity of Black Friday, as a consumer we are going to adjust our online search and buying behaviour in function of this one day. Large purchases, such as a computer, are postponed until we can all enjoy that one unique discount offer. The St. Nicholas and Christmas purchases are made earlier, in order to benefit as much as possible from the Black Friday deals.

From Google’s search volume of trends on the keyword “Black Friday” in Belgium, we can conclude that Black Friday will be big again this year. Last year there was an average of 10.000 searches for “Black Friday” in September, but in September 2019 that figure was already up to 18.000 searches.

Here is your how to win big as brand during Black Friday.

1. Don’t wait until the end of November to use your Black Friday related keywords.

As mentioned earlier, Black Friday is becoming more and more established in Belgium. So it’s logical people start searching more and more for these keywords around the big bargain day and searches start earlier and earlier. 

It goes without saying that there will be a lot of competition on the keywords around Black Friday, so the CPC‘s will be quite high. Don’t wait until mid-November to use your Black Friday related keywords. The earlier you are present, the less competition there is and the more you can benefit from cheap CPC’s.

2. Use some sleek tricks to make non-owned channels talk about you and link to your website. 

The Amazon way of doing things, be leaky in the month(s) before Black Friday. Let media sources, blogs and reviewers ‘discover’ some non-officially announced deals you’re offering during the holy day of the shopping spree.

The Wallmart method exists in being the earliest on the market to officially start your sales period. Wallmart started their sales in October, which already triggered a lot of feisty shoppers and got people speculating on how much bigger the deals might be, or if there even would be anything left on Black Friday itself.

3. Create a specific landing page to expand your email database.

If you start bidding early on Black Friday related keywords it is also important that you have a special landing page (like ours) ready to catch this audience. Here it is very interesting to have a page ready where people can subscribe to the “Black Friday 2019 Newsletter” so that they can be the first to know about the BF deals.

This way you will not only win in terms of SEO, but you will also be able to expand your email database significantly and you will also find out who your most bargain-sensitive target group is. Or you could avoid using the pop-up to subscribe to your newsletter and just give people information about Black Friday, then retarget them later through information you gathered with the Pixel, just as Media Markt is plotting to do.

4. Start by filling in your cookie lists for your remarketing strategy.

Create different audience lists that can help you to fully develop your remarketing strategy. These lists can also be used for the next winter/summer bargain period or for the next promotion of a specific product.

Sample lists:

  1. Visitors past 7 days
  2. Visitors past 14 days
  3. Visitors past 30 days
  4. Page x visited
  5. Page y visited
  6. Leave the shopping cart
  7. Visited Black Friday page and then product page x

With these lists you can choose to customize bids (e.g. 30% higher bid for people on this cookie list than your normal bid) because you know that these people have already come into contact with your website or have shown interest in a specific product.

Or you can choose to show other ads to specific lists. In other words, if someone uses one of the keywords you bid on in a search, you can choose to show the people who appear in (specific) list(s) a different advertisement, for example with a different promo or call to action, than people who do not appear in your remarketing lists.

You can use this valuable data to work out your complete strategy. The sky’s the limit here. Try to think as strategically as possible.

These were just a few easy fixes to get you up and running for Black Friday. Don’t know how to really get started? Feel like you need to defibrillate the Black Friday Flatline in your marketing plan? Reach out to our Black Friday Emergency Squad and we’ll send a BF doctor to bring your traffic back to life!