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About The Growth Revolution

The Growth Revolution is a global growth marketing agency. We offer workshops, consultancy and projects focused on growth and rapid experimentation —servicing both startups and corporates.

Godfather Of Growth.

Experiment King.

The Data Knight.

The purpose of this position is to unleash growth for clients big and small.

To immerse their culture and structure in the power of evidence-based decision making through experimentation and data.

To lead by example and show it’s done, the Revolution way.

With growth as your true north, you have the ability connect dots into badass, ROI-driven marketing strategies and align those to the needs and resources of our clients.

You’ll be part of a pioneering agency operating with steep ambitions and learn from some of the most influential growth hackers in Europe and beyond.

The Unicorn.

  • You’re determined, resourceful and able to think out-of-the-box.
  • You’re willing to go above and beyond what’s required, learn on the fly and bend the rules if needed.
  • You’re a problem-solver who can get things done with limited direction.
  • You believe in learning by doing and are determined to act on it rather than watch from the sidelines.
  • You own data and know how to use it to get better results.
  • You know how to tell a good story.
  • You can design killer landing pages and are skilled in CRO, A/B testing and funnel optimization.
  • You know your way around Facebook Ads, Adwords and PPC models in general.
  • You know how to write copy and have an eye for graphic detail.

The Job.

  • Your mission is to take clients by the hand and show them the path that leads to sustainable, measurable, predictable growth.
  • You’re able to mix and mingle tactics for acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue into badass growth strategies that drive ROI for clients.
  • You know how to make a killer slide deck and harness it to bring across the powerful ideas of growth mindset, experiment design and evidence-based decision making.
  • Resourcefulness is your middle name. If you’re asked to do something you never did before, you consider it an opportunity to learn and figure out how to get it done.
  • You’re a team player who knows when to ask for help and is always ready to provide it to others.
  • You use tools to automate and enable yourself to focus on value creation and relationship building.
  • You spend a lot of time in Google Analytics and marketing dashboards.
  • You relentlessly document your process to make best practices scalable and repeatable.

The Offer.

The Growth Revolution isn’t just full of computers, coffee mugs and inspirational posters.

It’s full of hungry people. And we want more of those.

We believe you should love the people you work with. You should feel empowered to make an impact, grow, learn and have fun while you’re at it.

At The Growth Revolution, we’re hunting for people who have that mindset and spark more of it. People that make us better, while we make you better.

You’ll also get:

  • a competitive salary with benefits.
  • space and support to launch your own side-projects.
  • kickass equipment to work with (Macbook, iPhone).
  • free drinks and fruit in the office.
  • flexible hours.
  • yearly team retreat.

What you bring to the application table.

  • A background in marketing or related.
  • An open mind, set for growth.
  • A heart to uplift the ones around you.
  • We like surprises.

The more experience the better. But we hire people based on what they can become rather than what they are. Trajectory is a better tell than point of origin.

Think you got what it takes?

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