Project Manager

About The Growth Revolution

The Growth Revolution is a global growth marketing agency. We offer workshops, consultancy and projects focused on growth and rapid experimentation —servicing both startups and corporates.

We spark Growth and awesomeness in every project and every workshop we run. We experiment, the same way kids do, only we do it with ventures and corporates to make their business grow.

We may be a bit crazy, but it’s okay as long as we nail what we do! We are a Growth Marketing agency, but certainly not your average Joe.

Project Manager.

Business is booming at The Growth Revolution so we’re in serious need of someone who can manage our key clients’ projects. Prepare yourself because this isn’t the kind of jobs where you’ll be unlocking Candy Crush levels and drawing doodles on your agenda. We’re looking for a client-facing mastermind with a memory as good as an elephant’s.

You are the perfect fit for this position if you.

  • ■ You are a good communicator with a touch of empathy.
  • ■ Have team-building skills.
  • ■ Are cool under pressure.
  • ■ Have problem-solving skills (including opening stack Nutella and Speculoos jars.
  • ■ Love sunflowers.
  • ■ Are organized and respect deadline

Perks of working with us?

  • ■ Of course, like all the other companies claim to do, we give a true competitive salary package.
  • ■ A garden-look-like office (super cool).
  • ■ Kickass equipment to work with: MacBook Pro and an iPhone.
  • ■ Funky Fridays.
  • ■ Young and positive vibes.
  • ■ Free lunch and drinks in the office.
  • ■ Reaaally good coffee machine.
  • ■ Free lunch and drinks in the office.
  • ■ Space to smash your creative blocks.
  • ■ International team.

Your Responsibilities

  • ■ Prepare project briefings and align team members on their individual roles and responsibilities.
  • ■ Identify, prepare and gather proper working materials and documentation.
  • ■ Prepare & facilitate recurrent project meetings such as kickoff, workshops & validation meetings.
  • ■ Manage the overall project planning and allocation of our project teams.
  • ■ Ensure that project milestones and deliverables are met within budget & scope.
  • ■ Gather & report overall project performance.
  • ■ Assist in improving our workflow and providing the right working tools.
  • ■ Assist in developing our performance management system.
  • ■ Assist Business Development in creating proposals.

What it takes to get the job

  • ■ 3-10 years operational experience in creative service agencies.
  • ■ Strong communication skills (Dutch & English).
  • ■ Strong writing and presentation skills (Dutch & English).
  • ■ Passionate about teamwork and collaboration.
  • ■ Familiar with Lean Methodologies such as Scrum & Design Thinking

Sounds like your cup of tea? Apply now and get in touch!