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Negative thinking canvas 

Why are prospects not converting? Use the negative thinking canvas to turn negatives into positives with an actionable marketing brainstorm.

What is this tool for? 

Discover and optimize the vital levers of your business with a structured approach for your team.

Tired of copying last years marketing plan? You need to be ahead of your competitors. Take only one hour to brainstorm with the negative thinking canvas to turn negatives into positives.

Step-by-step guide 

Step 1: Find new growth levers 

The negative thinking canvas is divided into 4 phases of your customer funnel. Why are prospects not acting the way you expect?

Step 2: Collect your ideas 

After collecting your negatives per phase, discuss in group what you wrote down. Drop your ideas on the canvas.

Step 3: The ideation process 

Take 10 minutes per phase, maximum. Urgency drives creativity. Everyone is free to write down all their ideas. Grab your post-its!

Step 4: Tactical action plan 

For the last step, every participant has max. 3 votes to choose the most important working points. These are the fundamental change factors to focus new tactics on.

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