Reinvent Your Marketing Department

Getting an interactive marketing plan/mix in 5 days.

Let’s challenge everything you thought you knew.

During this 5 day hackathon we help you challenging your marketing team and existing agencies. By looking at the bigger picture we completely revamp your marketing plan. We will also validate new tactics – besides the good ol’ Facebook Ads & Adwords – that you can use, and test them in your real market.


It’s 2018, your agency probably told you to finally get started with Facebook Ads, right? We think your marketing plan should be more than just throwing money to Facebook and Google. Together,
we’ll look at ways to reach your target audience in ways you didn’t think were possible.


So-called “growth hacks” that might break any time are no good foundation for your business. We prefer the future-proof marketing tactics, the ones you can build a business on. Growth for your business should be sustainable and therefor future proof.


There are literally thousands of marketing tactics you can use. You shouldn’t stick with just one or two, but constantly experiment and try to improve. Intuition can help here to see which tactics might work, but it’s the hard, cold data that tells us if a tactic is a success or not.

Day 1
Scoping time! On this day we frame your current marketing plan and decide what we want to achieve from this. We’ll also take a look at a day in the life of the audience.
Day 2
This day we give you a full crash course of experimentation. Afterwards, we’ll start with ideation: coming up with possible new marketing tactics we could use. We’ll filter these tactics on the third day.
Day 3
We filter through all the experiments that came out the ideation phase using our internal evaluation framework: we plan resources, results and timings.
Day 4
Day four, also known as execution day. This day we’ll mainly be going through the list of selected experiments and executing them. Experiments in marketing are a wat to make evidence-based decisions and not wasting budget on actions that don’t bring revenue.
Day 5
Action Plan
Our experiments have finished and it’s time to collect the learnings. Which experiments met our expectations and which didn’t? At the end of the day, you’ll have a new interactive marketing plan with all the new marketing tactics your company can thrive on.

Revamp your marketing plan

A hackathon for marketers.


At the end of the week you’ll have a validated layer of new marketing tactics you can use on top of your current marketing mix. Together we’ll explore new marketing domains your business can use to grow.

Your current marketing team will be inspired to take nothing for granted and to constantly keep experimenting in order to optimise your business’ marketing efforts. After this intensive week your marketing team will be more engaged, and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses even more.

Who should hire us:

  • Intrapreneur
  • Innovation Manager
  • Head of Innovation
“Full stack marketeers are a very rare breed. Luckily I had the opportunity to work with Yannick on a wide variety of growth & automation campaigns. He is always on top of the latest (experimental) tools and techniques and is able to apply them on real business projects. Light on the buzzwords, strong on results. Highly recommended!”
-NICK DE MEY, Board of Innovation, Co-Founder
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