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Providing value with side projects.

Solve your customers’ problems
one side project at a time.

What if someone told you that there was a fast way to reach a lot of potential customers, and instead of interrupting them with ads you’d actually help them solve a problem. Intrigued? Meet side projects. Side projects are little websites or tools that help your target audience solving one specific problem they have. Instead of pushing with ads, you pull them in offering tremendous value by offering a solution.

Lead Machine

The great thing about side projects is you only have to make them once. Once they’re made you can leave them alone and they’ll continue to bring in leads. Just make sure it stays online and is updated when necessary!

Long-term value, fast results

A good side project is a project that will have a long lifespan. The problem it solves today must still exist a year from now. And you’ll start solving problems as soon as you launch it.

Delight your target audience

Your customers see a lot of ads providing no value at all every single day. Can you imagine how they’ll feel when instead of interrupting them, you’ll actually help them with your side project? Spoiler alert: they’ll love your for it.

Your Branding

Ideally, your side project lives on a custom website, apart from your main activity. But to make sure potential leads can connect the dots, we’ll make sure the branding of your side project matches your main brand.

Customer Empathy

Side projects show you have enough empathy to envision the type of problems your (potential) customers might have. And on top of that it shows you really care about them, because you want to help them solve those problems.

Ideas are currency.
Execution is where the reward is.


Side Projects can be used in any department of your company as long as there is a clear goal of what the outcome should be.

A completely validated side project, ready to be your autonomous lead machine.  With our custom made Side Project Framework we’ll make sure it’s the perfect side project for your customers, industry and your business.

Who should hire us:

  • Marketing Director / Manager who wants more organic leads
  • Innovation Manager who wants to validate assumptions
  • Intrapreneur who wants a prototype of his internal startup idea
  • HR Manager who wants a higher inflow of applicants

“With the creation of howmuchtomakeaboardgame.com, The Growth Revolution solved multiple problems on our side.. Thanks to this side project we are now winning on both inflow & conversion, which is a perfectly in line with our core strategy.”

-Marco Van Haaften, Global Marketing Manager at Cartamundi

Take inbound marketing to the next level.

Example Side Projects

Playmobil 1 2 3

Playmobil was looking for a way to reach young children’s parents, so what would be better than organizing a competitions for daycare centers? This is exactly what we did. The reasoning? If children play with Playmobil from a young age, they will continue their adventures with Playmobil. In 3 weeks, we gathered 89 000 Facebook signups and reached over 1 million website views. And the result? A happy daycare center with new toys to play with.

Check out Playmobil 1 2 3

How much to make a board game

Cartamundi noticed they got a lot of quote requests to make board games, but writing out personal quotes took a lot of time. So we helped them to turn over the whole process. Now, people who are interested, just have to answer a couple of questions on howmuchtomakeaboardgame.com
and they get their personal quotation right away!

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Air Quality Tester

You take up to 23,000 breaths a day. More than 90% of those are taken indoors, of which about 70% in your home. This test we created for Renson will assess the quality of the breaths you take and how to improve them. On top of that it collects valuable leads they can follow up on.

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