Future of Marketing in 8 weeks.

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From (junior) marketer to full-stack growth marketer in 8 weeks.

Ready to become a next generation marketer? The Growth Revolution organises a unique, intensive bootcamp to become the all-round marketer of the future. During these 8 weeks you’ll be trained by experts in eight different domains, ranging from experiment design, to copywriting and automation.

Becoming a 360° marketer will help you to outsmart competitors and to obtain a data & ROI driven mindset. As a (junior) marketer this will help you to become more self-reliant. As a marketing manager improving all these skills will help you setting up a better strategy and hire more precisely. As an entrepreneur/developer becoming more marketing minded will help you launching great products.

Week 1
Lead Generation
2 hours
Experiment Design
3 hours
Data & Analytics
3 hours
Behaviour and UX
2 hours
Smart Story Telling
2 hours
Copy Writing
2 Hours
Techstack analysis
3 Hours
Social Advertising
2 Hours

Unique skillset

In 8 weeks you will learn and develop a diverse skillset. In your career path, you will find the need of a broad understanding to focus in all aspects of growth.

Data & ROI-driven Mindset

How to correctly use data, and what decisions to make on your metrics? Interpret  data correctly and make evidence-based decisions to drive ROI.

Domain Experts

You will learn from the best, to become the best. The pupil will become the master. We have a broad network of domain experts to coach during our sessions.

Outsmart competitors

Do not spend more budget than your competitors, outsmart them instead. By taking an experimental approach when it comes to marketing, you’ll make better decisions.

Revamp your marketing skillset
An academy for marketers.


You will receive a certificate as proof of your new earned skills. All participants receive access to our exclusive community to share and ask information with each other and all of our consultants. Enrich your network with the CMO’s of tomorrow.

Ideal profiles to join:

  • (junior) Marketers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Developers

“The Growth Revolution added a new dimension to our online experimentation process. We were able to get fast, concrete results in days that would otherwise take weeks.”

-Marketa Kadeckova, ING, Innovation Manager

The future of marketing in 8 weeks
Become a full stack marketer