Growth Sprint

A 4-Day intensive sprint & training from an introduction to launching your first experiments.

  • Introduction to experimentation
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Growth hacking case study
  • How to get started with your first experiment
  • How to build Twitter in one day without coding skills
  • Launching your first experiments
  • Hands-on workshop exercises
  • Setting up your experiment loop
“Full stack marketeers are a very rare breed. Luckily I had the opportunity to work with Yannick on a wide variety of growth & automation campaigns. He is always on top of the latest (experimental) tools and techniques and is able to apply them on real business projects. Light on the buzzwords, strong on results. Highly recommended!”
-NICK DE MEY, Board of Innovation, Co-Founder

4 intensive days

We generate out of the box ideas to bring more traffic to your website, sell more units of your product, … As a deliverable of these you’ll receive a detailed overview of all our ideas. We prioritize them for you based on effort vs impact. Now that we have defined the scope, we will teach you the right methodology to set up your first experiments without technical knowledge.

Our team of experts will coach you fully upon implementing these experiments, and how to measure results.

Introduction to growth hacking & execution of a clear action plan.

Topics at hand

Day 1: Growth Hacking Playbook: everything you need to know
We guide you trough the wonderful world of Growth Hacking
Day 2: Ideation & Exploration with a growth hacking mindset
Use your new learnings to spur creative growth.
Day 3: The Lean Approach & Tech stack analysis
Make decisions quicker and implement the right tech stack.
Day 4: Approaching your goals (KPI’s) with a clear action plan
We recapitulate, pitch your action plan and desired results
The right team for your project
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