Testing the water

During this one-day crash-course, we will teach the growth marketing know-how and capture what that means for your company. Hands-on exercises will take your team to the next level and learn to set up their first marketing experiments. No technical knowledge required!

  • Clearly Identifying Growth Hacking
  • Exploring Growth Hacking Cases
  • The AARRR funnel
  • Workshop: Customer Journey
  • Your perfect growth team
  • Tools & techstack analysis
  • Workshop: create your growth strategy
  • Recap of the day: share learnings
“Full stack marketeers are a very rare breed. Luckily I had the opportunity to work with Yannick on a wide variety of growth & automation campaigns. He is always on top of the latest (experimental) tools and techniques and is able to apply them on real business projects. Light on the buzzwords, strong on results. Highly recommended!”

-NICK DE MEY, Board of Innovation, Co-Founder


Growth marketing is a smart way of doing marketing. Doing the same thing over and over again, will not work for long this day and age.
Last years marketingplan needs an update.

With in-house tools, we will define experimental marketing actions together with your marketing team. Not only will you talk the talk, but walk the walk. Our experts will guide you through their process, and together we define about a 100 growth actions.

An up-to-date introduction to growth hacking for your team.

Growth Marketing is about using your budget in a smart way. The consumer is in the drivers seat. This means you will need to be very reactive, capture data and make the right decisions. Smart and fast experiments will show you new channels to reach your audience.

Topics at hand

An introduction to growth hacking
A clear showcase of terminology, growth processes and tools.
The Growth Hacking Canvas
The Growth Hacking Canvas is a cousin of the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. Like these, it’s working canvas that offers a simple approach to identify which layers or areas of growth that require the most attention.
Growth Hacking Cases
We show you the best growth hacking cases, including some of our own work.
Negative Thinking
With this exercise, you will take a different look at your marketing techniques. Why would people NOT want to use your product? With this exercise, we identify what could be done better, and differently.
The right team for your project
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