Training grounds

Our team of experts will guide you and your marketing team in a 2-day masterclass. Growth Hacking will hold no secrets.

  • A clear look on growthhacking
  • Warmup round: identifying your goals
  • Growthhacking as a mindset
  • Workshop exercises
  • Growth actions ideation
  • Map your growth strategy
  • The Growth Hacking Playbook
  • Recap of the day: share learnings
“Full stack marketeers are a very rare breed. Luckily I had the opportunity to work with Yannick on a wide variety of growth & automation campaigns. He is always on top of the latest (experimental) tools and techniques and is able to apply them on real business projects. Light on the buzzwords, strong on results. Highly recommended!”
-NICK DE MEY, Board of Innovation, Co-Founder
Traditional Marketing is dead

Sick & tired of your unrealistic KPI’s? That’s where we come in. For us, KPI’s are not the goal, the way to achieve them is our goal. Fact is; traditional marketing channels are saturated! Therefore we have to come up with new strategies and tactics. Our mantra? Don’t spend more than your competitor, just act smarter.

At The Growth Revolution we’re all about Tools, Tools, Tools! We can help your company to choose & implement the right set of tools to achieve your goals. A great toolstack is key to measure all your efforts, it’s to only way to make data-driven decisions.

Introduction to growth hacking & execution of first experiments.

Topics at hand

An introduction to growth hacking
Clearly defining the growth hacking process in your company.
The Growth Hacking Canvas
The Growth Hacking Canvas is a cousin of the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. Like these, it’s working canvas that offers a simple approach to identify which layers or areas of growth that require the most attention.
Tools Stack Analysis
We help your team to get on top of the lastest tools. No technical knowledge required.
Workshop: Create your growth strategy
Reach in record time with a minimum amount of budget
Experiment Design
Testing customer behaviour in order to test assumptions and learn what works and what does not work.
Growth Hacking Cases
We show you the best growth hacking cases, including some of our own work.
The right team for your project
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