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We’re taking flight!

With a new team, a new branding, a new website, a new marketing toolkit and a new podcast and Youtube show, The Growth Revolution is taking flight! But lucky you, we keep on bringing the same growth marketing expertise to the table. 

Ps. We don’t want to brag, we just want to let you know that we are ready to roll! 

New team

The sum of parts

At The Growth Revolution, it’s all about passion: passion for marketing, for innovation and ideation, for experimentation and insights, passion for what’s next and new.

This passion is the primary base of The Growth Revolution. We are diverse, digital and up for a challenge. Together we represent more than 100 years of strategic marketing experience. Inbound marketing, lead generation, venture validation, hackathons, prototypes or advertising: we’ve got your back.

The Growth Revolution is a strong team with a nice resume. We ran projects for companies in diverse industries and several big players have us on speed dial. We know what we do and how we need to do it. Definitely now, as recently 2 new wizards joined our team of A-players. As we firmly believe that amazing things can happen when you surround yourself with the strongest people out there, we are jazzed to shortly introduce our new magicians to you. Small team, maximum impact.

Let’s first present Pieter Van Der Auwera, Digital Campaign Manager @ The Growth Revolution. This creative mind is best compared to a panda. And who doesn’t love pandas? It won’t surprise you to hear that Pieter has an enormous network that keeps on growing with everyone he meets.⁠ He easily sees connections and opportunities no one else seems to see. Pieter is strong in campaigns, growth and lead generation. Pieter looks at everything from a different perspective and for every challenge he has multiple solutions and for every solution he sees multiple opportunities. ⁠

And also Lauranne Debbaudt, Growth Consultant & Marketing Lead @ The Growth Revolution, joined our team. Friends can call her Lauri or Debbs – depends on what you prefer. Actually, Lauranne has always gone against the grain. The status quo is humdrum, so she has been challenging social pressure as long as she can remember. In other words, she made it hard on herself. She is not satisfied with socially-respectable hobbies, studies or jobs. She wants to discover and develop the unseen, the unknown – stuff no one at dinner tables wants to talk about. Long story short, she’s a Xoogler, she only sets the bar low for limbo, she ran a marathon at the age of 21 and currently she’s only 23 and has studied, lived and worked in over 5 countries. And she worked on projects for over 25 companies!

New branding

A fresh skin

The brand bitches among us probably already noticed our fresh skin. But why did we decide to rebrand? Firstly, it’s not changing for the sake of change. That said, change is inevitable and something to embrace as it offers new opportunities, but that’s not a good enough reason to do a full rebranding. A good reason to do so is that the old branding was not doing the job it was supposed to do – brand who we are and what we stand for. And that in a cohesive way. As the important thing about being a brand is that whenever people see you in the wild, they should recognize that it’s you. 

We are convinced the new logo and branding could do that job better. Red, the color of willpower, remember? 

We’ll not bore you with the design thinking and the meaning of every color, angle, … of our new logo and branding – you’re busy people, and our main intention for this post was to let you know about the change, so you won’t be too surprised when The Growth Revolution socials and website look a little different.

New website 

A renewed browsing experience

A new branding obviously requires a new (or at least a renewed) website. Isn’t it? And as your wish is our command, we’re jazzed to redirect you to our new site. A new site full of features to meet all of your growth marketing demands. Take a peek, enjoy and feel free to share your feedback with us via the Hotjar tool on the right. We truly value your input!

New marketing toolkit

Tips, tools and templates to level up your growth marketing

From the early days on, The Growth Revolution was predestined as a hub for knowledge sharing. We’ve always been eager to share our tips, tools and templates for free so others, like you, can be empowered to level up their marketing game. Every month, we release new tools. 

Here are a few of our favourites straight out of our new marketing toolkit to get you started! These hands-on, easy-to-use, actionable marketing tools are free for download.

Negative thinking canvas
Why are customers not buying your product? Why are prospects not converting? These are key questions answered with the negative thinking canvas. Take 10 minutes per funnel and ask your team these questions. When thinking of an action plan, make them positives.

Growth hacking canvas
The growth hacking canvas is a cousin of the business model canvas and lean canvas. Like these, it’s a working canvas that offers a simple approach to identify which layers or areas of growth that require the most attention.

Assumption mapper
Assuming is not the same as knowing. However, assumptions can lead to valuable insight and undermine ideas that have been taken for granted within a given organisation. Use this template to map out your assumptions and evaluate the ones that are best tested.

New podcast and Youtube show 

Created to inspire the new generation of marketers

As part of our new start, we’ve launched Modern Marketing TV. MMTV is all about sharing modern marketing knowledge. Every second Thursday, we release a new video and podcast on Spotify and Youtube in which Yannick Khayati invites marketing professionals to share their views on the latest topics in modern marketing.

What to expect? Lots to see, lots to learn! A series of interviews overflowing with content marketing, inbound marketing, influencer marketing, lead generation, modern marketing recruitment, digital agency building, entrepreneurship, creativity, experimentation, personal branding, and much more! 

Get a first taste of some of our favorite episodes …

Dries Henau & Yuri Vandenbogaerde – How to create a quality sellable love brand.
Creating love-brands, sounds like a great topic for an episode of MMTV? We thought so too. That’s why this episode, with Dries Henau and Yuri Vandebogaerde, founders of PR and influencer agency Ambassy, is all about love-brands.

Nick De Mey – How to set up the best content strategy for your company or brand.
In this episode of MMTV, Nick De Mey joined Yannick in our studio. Nick, who is a mentor for our host Yannick, is one of the founders of Board of Innovation, a Belgian innovation agency. 

Cain Ransbottyn Fake it till you make it: extreme experiments in building a brand.
In this episode of MMTV we wanted to do something special, take a small risk perhaps. So we invited Cain Ransbottyn. This man was venturing the internet even before it was cool. Remember Yes, that was him.

Ps. To practise what we preach, we approached this show as a true experiment. Because our hypothesis ‘English will provide higher quality for the episodes’ failed, we are switching the language of the show to Dutch. Subscribe & stay tuned for more Dutch marketing talks to come!

Same expertise 

A one stop shop for growth

What’s for sale? We’re glad you asked. Although, maybe the better question is what isn’t for sale? But in retrospect, a lot isn’t actually – so maybe don’t ask that question, after all. In fact, our expertise and thus offerings can be accommodated under three pillars. Let us shortly talk you through all three of them.


We can be your partner in strategy for high-performance digital marketing and growth. With our digital native skillset, we can guide you through the ravel of modern digital marketing possibilities. As a partner, we think, work and win as part of your team. Under the strategy pillar, we offer different programs ranging from digital marketing strategy, over content/social strategy & growth strategy to promotion strategy.


We are your go-to resource if you want to do the right things, the right way. For us staying just ahead of the status quo, isn’t good enough. We have a firm focus on growth and performance. Under the execution pillar, we offer different programs ranging from paid advertising to lead generation & digital content to experiment design.


Our certified trainers can be your point of contact to uplevel your in-house knowledge. As our knowledge is yours, we are more than eager to help! With new training formats, from use case focused sessions to public keynote speeches, we will uplevel your team of A-players with state-of-the-art knowledge. Under the training pillar, we offer different programs ranging from growth and content marketing masterclasses, over public speaking, to business venture validation.

Long story short, we’re open for business (offering something for everyone) and we’re ready to blow your mind. Curious to see how we can help you? Feel free to reach out (via the form below), we are thrilled to sit together and explore opportunities! 

Was that a short recap of what lately has been going on at The Growth Revolution? Maybe. 

Btw, we forgot to mention that we actually also moved to a new office and joined forces with OONA. We will soon share more about that! You can keep up with us here, subscribe for our bi-weekly newsletter (via the form on top), look out for smoke signals on the horizon or follow us on the social mediums of your choice. But expect more early and often!